Refinement of the Ukrainian Names of Mineral Species in the Light of Preparation of the "Mineralogical Encyclopedia of Ukraine"

UDC 549.01

O.M. Ponomarenko, H.O. Kulchytska, D.S. Chernysh

M.Р. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine

34, Acad. Palladina Pr., Kyiv-142, Ukraine, 03680


Refinement of the Ukrainian Names of Mineral Species in the Light of Preparation of the "Mineralogical Encyclopedia of Ukraine"

Language: Ukrainian

Mineralogical journal 2015, 37 (3): 3-14

Abstract: To standardize the Ukrainian names of minerals — is one of the tasks of the Mineralogical Encyclopedia of Ukraine. Names unification is necessary for the creation of electronic databases of minerals, search systems and for automatic data processing. The purpose of this article is to show the difficulties which occur while notation of the Ukrainian names of minerals discovered outside Ukraine and to find the ways of reproduction of Latinized terms using the letters of the national alphabet. Forty years have already passed since the three-language Mineralogical Dictionary was issued by Ye.K. Lazarenko and O.M. Vynar, which informally approved the Ukrainian names of minerals. Since then a lot has changed in mineralogy, in the Ukrainian language orthography, new standards of transliteration and transcription have been approved, corrections to chemical terminology have been made. The International Mineralogical Association quarterly updates the lists of the approved names of mineral species. The majority of them are common names formed out of the private or geographical names. They are transmitted by the Latin letters preserving the spelling norms of the language native for the country where the mineral was discovered. There is the following tendency we can distinguish today in the creation of minerals names: the common name of the well-known species is used as the primary word and its new chemical analogues are named using the symbols and titles of chemical elements. The last ones are added to the primary word using the hyphen as suffix or prefix, accordingly. In order to transmit the Latinized term to the Ukrainian language the knowledge of the loan language is not enough. It is necessary to know the word etymology as well. The largest difficulties occur when transmitting the names of minerals, discovered in China, and also of those which were named after the scientists, who worked in different countries. We propose to discuss the following ways of further ordering of the Ukrainian names of minerals: 1) for the minerals discovered before 1975 — to preserve the names provided by the Mineralogical Dictionary issued by Ye.K. Lazarenko and O.M. Vynar, despite the mistakes in transliteration. Use them as the historical forms of the words of the foreign origin. Preserve the popular or historical name of the species if they do not contradict to the approved nomenclature; 2) for the minerals discovered after 1975 but before the changes in the Ukrainian orthography — to preserve the Cyrillic terms similar to Russian language terms, adapting to the current requirements of the Ukrainian spelling. Accept them also as historic forms which have appeared during the period of the Soviet Union; 3) for the minerals discovered after 1990 — to create the Ukrainian names of minerals by transliteration using transcription from the loan language and considering the norms of the Ukrainian spelling. If the word etymology is unknown we propose to use direct transliteration from Latin alphabet; 4) to use single word when naming the mineral species in contrast to two-word variety name; 5) to use the hyphen to the maximum extent possible for deciphering the compound names in order to simplify their pronunciation; 6) to quote the names of synthesized chemical analogues of mineral species.

Keywords: names origin, historical and vernacular names, mistakes of transliteration, minerals names spelling.


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