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M.V. Yazvynska

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Language: Ukrainian

Mineralogical journal 2016, 38 (2): 72-81

Abstract: Results of research of the content of microelements accompanying titanium deposit in surface sediments of Stremygorod deposit for their ecological and geochemical evaluation are presented in the article. The Stremygorod deposit is a typical example of a primary magmatic deposit. It has been compared as to the chemical composition of the studied rocks from primary ilmenite deposit with total composition according to various authors’ data. Chemical composition of bedrocks, overlying sedimentary rocks was determined, their comparison by the content of the ore (titanium) and accessory elements both territorially and in the section was made. The comparison of chemical composition of the studied rocks of primary ilmenite deposit with different authors’ data has showed that the increased amount of most of the studied elements is the feature of rocks of the deposit. The comparison showed that olivine-pyroxene gabbro has a high content of most of studied elements. The area of titanium deposit is characterized by a significant excess in total amount of chemical elements that accompany titanium deposits in surface sediments. The background field and Stremygorod deposit were compared in the research area. It allowed the authors to determine the influence of natural titanium deposits on the formation of chemical composition of soil as well as to determine the anthropogenic contribution to the formation of abnormal fields in the future development of the deposit. Indicators of environmental hazard of surface sediments in the territory Stremygorod field were calculated, which have shown that titanium availability in rocks is safe in terms of ecology and geochemistry. In order to make ecological and geochemical evaluation of surface deposits as to the content of microelements the indicators for the degree of environmental safety — Kc (relative to the background content) of the (KK) Criminal Code (relative to Clark lithosphere) were calculated at two sites — "relatively barren" and Stremygorod deposit. It has been established that the elements-concentrators in the surface sediments are Ni, Co, Cr, Cu, elements that are scattered, — Mn, V, Pb, Zn, Ti; Kc does not exceed 2 in all elements. It has been concluded that the territory surface sediments can be considered "relatively clean" by all indicators of environmental hazards.

Keywords: chemical microelements, Stremygorod primary titanium deposit, ilmenite, surface sediments, accompanying elements, background area, titanium deposit.


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