UDC 550 : 553
G.B. Naumov 1, T.K. Berkeliev 2, O.F. Mironova 3
1 V.I. Vernadsky State Geological Museum of RAS
11/11, Mokhovaya Str., Moscow, Russia, 125009
E-mail: gbnaumov@yandex.ru
2 GPB Neftegaz Services B.V.
29, Serebryanicheskaya nab., Moscow, Russia, 109028
E-mail: berkeliev@gmail.com
3 V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of RAS
19, Kosygin Str., Moscow, В-334, Russia, 119991
E-mail: olgamironova@geokhi.ru
Language: Russian
Mineralogical journal 2018, 40 (4): 21-35
Abstract: It has been 25 years since the passing of the Сhair of the Committee on metamorphogenic ore formation, Ya.N. Belevtsev. During this time, the role of the metamorphism-related processes in hydrothermal ore formation becomes more and more distinct. It is shown that all components of the ore-forming fluid, including water itself, carbon dioxide, chlorine and metals somehow form during a complex set of metamorphic/metasomatic transformations, and do not require their injection from remote sources. In the process of metamorphism, enormous volumes of metal-bearing fluids are generated, and the only matter is the pathways for their focused entry to the ore-deposition traps. Accordingly, it changes the view on the ore-concentrating structures, which are considered not as "supplying", but as unloading (draining). From these positions, it becomes clear that the long duration of the formation of deposits (tens of millions of years), and the non-simultaneous deposition of associations of the same composition ("stages"). Intrusive magmatism can still play an important role in ore formation, but not as a source of metal-bearing fluid. Magma intrusion is accompanied by a powerful energy impulse, leading the entire geological system to a temporary state of instability, and to a long sequence of further transformations with a gradual transition to new local equilibria. Thus, the principled provisions outlined by Ya.N. Belevtsev regarding metamorphogenic ore formation, are not disproved, but gained further development
Keywords: metamorphism, metasomatism, ore formation, migration, filtration, diffusion, stages.

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