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D.K. Voznyak, DrSc (Geology), Chief Research Fellow

M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry,

Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine

34, Acad. Palladin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03142

E-mail: dkvoznyak@ukr.net; https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6124-2033

E.V. Levashova, PhD (Geology & Mineralogy), Junior Research Fellow

Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology of RAS

2, Makarova Emb., St. Petersburg, Russia, 199034

E-mail: levashova.kateryna@yandex.ru; https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0814-1428

S.G. Skublov, DrSc (Geology & Mineralogy), Prof., Chief Research Fellow

Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology of RAS

2, Makarova Emb., St. Petersburg, Russia, 199034

Saint Petersburg Mining University

2, 21st Line, St. Petersburg, Russia, 199106

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S.G. Kryvdik, DrSc (Geology & Mineralogy), Prof., Senior Research Fellow

M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry,

Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine

34, Acad. Palladin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03142

E-mail: kryvdik@ukr.net; https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8356-1115

O.A. Vyshnevskyi, PhD (Geology & Mineralogy), Senior Research Fellow

34, Acad. Palladin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03142

E-mail: vyshnevskyy@i.ua; ResearcherID: I-9996-2018

V.M. Belskyi, PhD (Geology), Research Fellow

M.P. Semenenko IGMOF of NAS of Ukraine

34, Acad. Palladin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03142

E-mail: belskyi_vm@ukr.net; ResearcherID: K-8607-2018

S.I. Kurylo, PhD (Geology), Research Fellow

Earth Science Institute Slovak Academy of Sciences

974 01, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, Ďumbierska, 1

E-mail: kurylo.sergiy@gmail.com; https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4466-6851

Language: English

Mineralogical journal 2021, 43 (1): 3-15

Abstract: The formation of leucosyenites in the Velyka Vyska syenite massif was provoked by the liquation layering of magmatic melt. This assumption is based on the presence of two primary melt inclusions of different chemical composition in zircon crystals from Velyka Vyska leucosyenites. They correspond to two types of silicate melts. Type I is a leucosyenite type that contains high SiO2 concentrations (these inclusions dominate quantitatively); type II is a melanosyenite type that contains elevated Fe and smaller SiO2 concentrations. The liquation layering of magmatic melt was slow because the liquates are similar in density; leucosyenite melt, which is more abundant than melt of melanosyenite composition, displays greater dynamic viscosity; the initial sizes of embryos of melanosyenite composition are microscopic. Sulphide melt, similar in composition to pyrrhotite, was also involved in the formation of the massif. Zircon was crystallized at temperatures over 1300°С, as indicated by the homogenization temperatures of primary melt inclusions. The REE distribution spectra of the main parts (or zones,) of zircon crystals from the Velyka Vyska massif are identical to those of zircon from the Azov and Yastrubets syenite massifs with which high-grade Zr and REE (Azov and Yastrubets) ore deposits are associated. They are characteristic of magmatically generated zircon. Some of the grains analyzed contain rims that are contrasting against the matrix of a crystal, look dark-grey in the BSE image and display flattened REE distribution spectra. Such spectra are also typical of baddeleyite, which formed by the partial replacement of zircon crystals. The formation of a dark-grey rim in zircon and baddeleyite is attributed to the strong effect of high-pressure СО2-fluid on the rock. The formation patterns of the Velyka Vyska and Azov massifs exhibit some common features: (а) silicate melt liquation; (b) high ZrO2 concentrations in glasses from hardened primary melt inclusions; (c) the supply of high-pressure СО2-fluid flows into Velyka Vyska and Azov hard rocks. Similar conditions of formation suggest the occurrence of high-grade Zr and REE ores in the Velyka Vyska syenite massif.

Keywords: syenite, melt inclusions, zircon, REE, Velyka Vyska Massif, Ukrainian Shield.


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