UDC 523.681

V.P. Semenenko, А.L. Girich, N.V. Kychan

M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine

34, Acad. Palladin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03142



Language: Ukrainian

Mineralogical journal 2017, 39 (3): 43-52

Abstract: The data on the history of fall and major structural and mineralogical characteristics of the Galkiv meteorite (H4, S3, W0) are given. Chondrite is characterized by a higher degree of the chemical heterogeneity of pyroxene, than olivine, by the presence of accessory grains of spinel with different stages of metamorphic transformation, high-Ca and low-Ca plagioclase, minor sharply xenomorphic kamacite grains with high content of coarse inclusions of pyroxene, phosphates, chromites and a texture which reminds the pallasite one, plural evidences of shock metamorphism, including identified rare mineral — wustite. The data indicate the safety of high-temperature relicts of minerals in the meteorite during accretion of the parent body of chondrite. The Galkiv chondrite is perspective for isotopic studies of the high temperature relics of minerals, preserved during chondrules formation probably as a result of remelting of protoplanetary dust.

Keywords: meteorite, chondrite, minerals, Fe,Ni-metal, structure, surface sculpture, shock metamorphism.


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