Monitoring of the state of river sediments within industrial centres (on the example of Zaporizhia city)

UDC 550.42 : 551.312.051 (477-21)
A.Yu. Mitropolskiy 1, E.I. Nasedkin 1, A.N. Ivanova 1, I.V. Kuraieva 2, Yu.Yu. Voitiuk 2, S.G. Fedoseenkov 3
(1) Institute of Geological Sciences of the NAS of Ukraine
55-b, O. Honchar Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 01054
(2) M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine
34, Palladin Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03142 
(3) State Institution "Hydrophysical Center of the NAS of Ukraine"
1, Chubanov Str., Zaporizhia, Ukraine, 69600
Monitoring of the state of river sediments within industrial centres (on the example of Zaporizhia city)
Language: Ukrainian
Mineralogical journal 2017, 39 (3): 75-84
Abstract: The article presents the results of determining the environmental, lithological and geochemical features of sediments formation of the Dnieper River in the city of Zaporizhia, which are obtained on the basis of the complex field work during the year. The complex included contact (sediments sampling with ground tube) and remote research methods (season hydroacoustic survey of the upper layer) and a system of continuous sampling of river suspension using sediment traps. Processing of the results of automated profile ground survey of the bottom has allowed us to determine the physical and mechanical parameters of the upper layer of sediments. 3D testing ground of data that combined information on the depth of the water area, distribution of sediment layers, geographic coordinates of research points as the single whole, was created. An initial report on the state of the material of the surface layer of bottom sediments was obtained. The laboratory studies have discovered that changes in the size distribution of sediments are closely associated with ingredients redistribution in the mineral component. Owing to the conducting of seasonal field research within the testing ground initial information on the environmental condition of defined research area was obtained. The results of monitoring of the distribution of river suspended substances indicate the presence of temporal changes in the composition of sedimentary flows within the research water area of the Dnieper River during the year. Demonstration of the processes of pollutants entry in the Dnieper River water area, mechanism of their distribution between the components of the aquatic environment will allow determining the factors of influence on the intensity of self-purification processes of water areas within the industrial centers and zones of active anthropogenic impact.
Keywords: monitoring, river suspension, ecological state, sediments.
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