Subalkaline biotitic amphibolites of the Bashmachka ravine area, the Middle Dnipro region

UDC 552.4 (477.63)

V.V. Sukach

M.P. Semenenko Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore Formation of the NAS of Ukraine

34, Acad. Palladina Pr., Kyiv-142, Ukraine, 03680


Subalkaline biotitic amphibolites of the Bashmachka ravine area, the Middle Dnipro region

Language: Ukrainian

Mineralogical Journal 2016, 38 (1): 58-72

Abstract: The results of the research of subalkaline biotitic amphibolites near the western borders of the Slavgorod block in the Middle Dnipro region are expounded in the article. They expose on the right bank of the Dnipro river in the Bashmachka ravine area. These rocks are mainly massive, medium-grained and presented by relict bodies in different scale and small xenoliths in hosted plagiogranites and migmatites of the Dnipropetrovsk complex. This structural position indicates that their protolith was originated in Archean, no later than 3.04 Ga (the age of plagiogranites and migmatites). Main mineral paragenesis edenite-pargasite — oligoclase-andesine — biotite was formed in the temperature interval 620—744 °C and pressures 4.5—7.7 kbar, that meets the conditions of amphibolitic facies of regional metamorphism. Formation of hornblende — oligoclase retrograde paragenesis was realized at a temperature about 600 °С and pressure 4 kbar. Specific relict indication of granulitic facies, which preceded amphibolitic one, may be considered the distribution of aluminium AlIV and AlVI characteristic of "granulitic" amphiboles. Geological-petrological connection of biotitic amphibolites with pyroxene-bearing amphibolites and basic crystalline schist of the Slavgorod strata is found out by the results of comparison with probable rock analogues in the known subdivisions of the Chronostratigraphic chart. It is assumed that high content of alkali elements in biotitic amphibolites is inherited from initially subalcaline magmatic basic rocks of effusive or intrusive facies — trachybasalts or subalkaline gabbros.

Keywords: biotitic amphibolites, subalkaline rocks, Archean, Slavgorod strata, Auly series, Bashmachka ravine, Middle Dnipro region, Ukrainian Shield.


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