UDC 523.681
V.P. Semenenko, T.M. Gorovenko
M.P. Semenenko Institute of geochemistry, mineralogy and ore formation of the NAS of Ukraine
34, acad. Palladina pr., Kyiv-142, Ukraine, 03680
Mineralogical Journal 2016, 38 (1): 3-11
Abstract: The results of electron-microscopic study of the morphology of schreibersite crystals — rhabdite, in deeply etched samples of the Omolon pallasite that has been performed for stony-iron meteorites for the first time are given. The rhabdite crystals are characterized by a similar distribution of identical in size and shape crystals in near surface and internal parts of a metal matrix of the pallasite; belonging to filiform crystals of needle-like, plate-like, lamellar, and rarely pillar-like shape; the presence of joints; regular orientation of individual crystals and their systems in 2—3 directions; the presence of some evidences of brittle deformations and slight shock heating. It was established that unlike rhabdite of iron meteorites one of pallasites is characterized by agreater morphological variety and limited spreading of deformation and heating structures, caused most likely by minor differences in cooling rate of their parent bodies and the shock-metamorphic history. The Omolon pallasite cooling rate in the temperature range of 600—500 °С was slightly higher than ones of the Sikhote-Alin and Mar’inka iron meteorites. The rhabdite filiform crystals of meteorites have many similar morphological characteristics with artificially grown filiform ones, although conditions, chemical composition and environment of their formation were different.
Keywords: meteorite, pallasite, morphology, schreibersite, rhabdite, filiform crystals.

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